August 2012 ~ cracked private fud crypter

illysion crypter fud


FUD crypter

Episode Downloader Cracked

Episode Downloader Cracked 

Episode Downloader 3.0 guide.
best episode downloader help you download episode, video, TV show and anime.

Ancient Booter source code [pub / private shells] For Free

Ancient Booter  source code [pub / private shells] For Free

Ancient Booter  source code

Vulcan Tools Pack

Vulcan Tools Pack : Vulcan Tools Cleaner,Vulcan Tools Ultimate IP Toolkit,Vulcan Logger,Vulcan Tools Phisher Generator,Vulcan File Ice Mini,Vulcan Tools Hotmail Account Creator

Vulcan Tools Cleaner

Vulcan Tools Ultimate IP Toolkit

Vulcan Logger

Vulcan Tools Phisher Generator

Vulcan File Ice Mini

Vulcan Tools Hotmail Account Creator

IPKiller V1.6.x Cracked

IPKiller V1.6.x Cracked

One side-note:
IPKiller.exe is commonly detected as virus this is a false alarm caused by the protecter(ASProtect) used to protect the executable.

Start the loader and press the login button

Razor Crypter Source Code [No dependency]

Razor Crypter Source Code

Change Facebook login page

How To Change Facebook Login Page

If like me for many reason you are bored of the interface log on to your account at Facebook, all to  do is download the application fb refresh of
download : fb refresh
 From here and add it to the Google Chrome browser. But in the case  problem open the settings from the chrome toolbar & choose the desired picture..

bypass captcher verifiction

How To Bypass Captcha Verifiction

If you don’t know what Captcha is ,It is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. Entering Captcha is very annoying for everyone.It used to safe from bots and spammers.but how to bypass it ? it is very easy jsut follow me :
first navigate to this site :
bypass captcha

2-choose register & put you'r email

3-go to email inbox to show the received mail & click the link

4-now you are logged as a member choose one of the picture :chrome browser or mozilla firefox

5-i have a chrome browser so i choose add to chrome

6-Finally there are 3 option :
                               Switch Rumola OFF: turn Rumpla off or on
                               Search for CAPTCHAs on this page:search captcha in selectad page
                               Cancel Rumola on this page:desactivate Rumola on selected page

PCA Email bomber fast email bomb + source code

Dev-point spreader source code

Dev-point spreader

AnnLoader private loader source code

AnnLoader private loader source code






• You can set up tasks: X installs in country A, and so on.
• Set task priority
• Edit and re-arrange the tasks
• The build is only 14KB
• The program is written in API
• You can adjust the bot load and set up a white zone
• AnnLoad has a stable, fast, easy-to-use and safe admin panel.
• The control panel does not store your password in the config file, only in cache!
• AnnLoad algorithm does not contain anything that can mess with the encryption process (service mode, tls, etc…)

Panel + builder

Builder source code

Project X crypter source code

Project X crypter