Multi Locker 3 (ransomware) [crackeded] ~ cracked private fud crypter

Multi Locker 3 (ransomware) [crackeded]

- Unpack File

- Create MySQL Database
- Import .\lending\sql\db.sql

- Edit .\lending\include\config.php
- Set your Database Infos, then Login Infos
- Save
- Edit .\lending\conf\
- Set Login Infos for Editor
- Save
- Upload all files to your Host


Set write permission according your needs, you should know what you are doing.

- Launch MLBuilder.exe
- Set you Host where getunlock.php and tds.php are stored, actually in '.\lending\'
- Let say we set this up locally we Set Host to :
- Host must not begin with 'http://' must End with '/'
- Click 'Build'

- File is 8 Kb ideal for Exploit Packs



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