K-Crypter free - Icon Changer-Startup-Hide-FUD free ~ cracked private fud crypter

K-Crypter free - Icon Changer-Startup-Hide-FUD free

K-Crypter - Icon Changer-Startup-Hide-FUD free

This is a first Crypter of this type. This Crypter is specially made to Crypt .net Keyloggers. Its an very Advance Crypter Which will Crypt almost all Keyloggers and all other .net files. You can even Crypt a Crypted File and Get it Fud.

In these Version of K-Crypter you can make unlimited Crypts So Just Enjoy Crypting.

You Can Buy the Private Version OF this Crypter With more Functions and Private methods. You Will also receive FUD Updates of the Private Crypter. You can buy a Private Crypter for only 8$ With 3 Stubs.


(->)Bypass All AV's on Scantime & Runtime!
(->)Private Methods
(->)UAC Bypass
(->)Hide File
(->)Icon changer
(->)Strong Polymorphic Encryption
(->)Auto Update
(->)Custom Startup
(->)Friendly Interface
(->)Public + Private Version Available

100% Tested and Works With:
Rapzo Logger ( Public & Private Edition )
XYZ Logger (All Versions)
Predator Pain (All Versions)
541's Keylogger (All Versions)
Jays Keylogger
r3d0n l0GG3r (All Versions)
{Project Neptune} (All Versions)
EasyLogger 2.1
Master Logger
Works With all Keyloggers
Also Works with all .Net files And can also Crypt a Crypted file.


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