Insanity Crypter v1.9.6 [Source Code] ~ cracked private fud crypter

Insanity Crypter v1.9.6 [Source Code]

Insanity Crypter v1.9.6
When a new Update will be released?
Small Delay with update,coming in few days. [Few extras features will be added] Like worm etc.

What’s new?
New GUI Overall
Guest Login System Added [NoAccounts Needed]
FUD Updated & Working with many RAT’s,stealers and keyloggers.

What’s coming soon?
Fixed bugs if found any
Register FREE system(Maybe)
New features will be added like auto-inject+worm etc.
Auto-Update (Since in this one,it’s disabled)
What has been removed and why?
Many Features were removed due some bugs.

Download Insanity Crypter v1.9.6


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