cracked Saddam Crypter Source code ~ cracked private fud crypter

cracked Saddam Crypter Source code

Saddam Crypter Is currently the best seller. The Crypter Source provided is conventional and works perfectly. The source code is easy to learn from. Saddam the coders uses innovative techniques to deliver a high quality product. From this source you can learn how the features and the code-base is coded from a dedicated coder.
Saddam Crypter comes with the following features:
Icon Changer
Startup and Process persistence
Extension changer
Two types of encryption (Rijndael) (XOR)
Custom process injection
Fake message Generator
Several ANTI’S
File pumper (Megabytes) and (Kilobytes)
Random junk generator
Delay execution 
Publisher: Cracked private crypter
Developer: Saddameu
Release name: Sadam Crypter
Size: 858 KB


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