CRUM Joiner Polymorphic v3.1 ~ cracked private fud crypter

CRUM Joiner Polymorphic v3.1


 the main function is the ability to merge files without any limit on the amount. Like the previous binary can refer to a 256-byte encryption, polymorphic and detection capabilities of virtual machines. The price is USD 100 and upgrades are free.

It costs $ 100 and its features to date include:

     Like the older brother has polymorphic capabilities
     Allows you to merge an unlimited number of files with any extension (mp3, avi, doc, bmp, jpg, exe)
     Configure functionality in the final file (folder housing, attributes, etc.).
     Select the iconography. By default, the software brings 40 images
     Encryption of binary random key of 256 bytes
     Supports Drag & Drop
     Ability to select the final file extension
     Removing icons from files
     Anti-analysis capability. Prevents execution of the binary in virtual machines

With regard to the conditions of sale and use of crimeware, the author claims not to share the cripter or its components (this goes against the "business"), use it for commercial purposes (an apparent contradiction) or subject to analysis through online sites as VirusTotal (this increases the detection rate of binary). Requirements that appear to be rather childish.

The objective behind the development of these applications is to increase the life cycle of malicious codes that are subject to malicious processes proposed by the application, adding anti-analysis features that hinder its analysis and subsequent detection by the antivirus companies.

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