cracked Sikandar Crypter Source code V7 ~ cracked private fud crypter

cracked Sikandar Crypter Source code V7

Sikandar Crypter project has been running for a very long time. It’s currently the most sold Crypter alongside with Saddam Crypter. Sikandar Crypter Source uses advanced .NET techniques to make this powerful Crypter function. From this Crypter Source you can learn a lot of advanced methods on how Sikandar Crypter stores its bytes in a unique way in conjunction with exactly how the radical RunPE is coded.
Sikandar Crypter comes with the following features:
Various encryption methods
Unique stub generator (USG)
File Binder
Process killers
Obfuscation system
Website blocker
Startup manager
File cloner
Fake message generator
Built in Scanner
Custom data storage
Publisher: Cracked private crypter
Developer: Support™
Release name: Sikandar Crypter Source V7
Size: 264 KB


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